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About Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checker is a kind of free online SEO tool. It helps you to find plagiarise content. It compares your content to existing content. If this online plagiarism checker tool finds any matched content, then it is shown as a red mark. That means red mark content not passed the plagiarism check.

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What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is using someone else idea's or work and use them as your trustworthy. Use of computers is increasing with time. So, it gets easier to plagiarize someone else work.

Use of plagiarising article or work is against of copyright law. Same is applicable for web publishers or blog writers. If they use plagiarise content, then Google will punish them. To avoid that problem Small SEO Blog provides plagiarism checker tool. New, algorithm of Google can easily find the plagiarised content. 

For this reason, many sites get affected when new algorithm updated. Google punish them for spamming. As a result, they lose their ranking in Google. So to retain your rank and your brand value never uses plagiarise content.

Many bloggers also use someone's else work without giving him/her any credits. That is totally against of copyright law.

How Plagiarism Checker tool works?

  1. First, you have to copy (Ctrl+C) your article and paste (Ctrl+V) it into the text field.
  2. Next, Click on "Submit" button.
  3. Then, plagiarism checker will do all job for you. Your article will be scanned very thoroughly and compare it with the web. If it will, find any similar sentences or phrases it will raise red flags. Red flags mean your content matched with existing one that copied from the internet.

To avoid plagiarism use free article rewriter tool. It will generate a new item for you.

Five practical ways to avoid plagiarism without plagiarism checker:

Plagiarism mostly found in academic papers, but it is not bounded only in the school field. It is also shown in research papers, scientific research papers or even in source code. We can detect it quickly using this free online plagiarism checker 

Know your topic very well:

Always know your subject very well before writing. The more you know your topic very well then you will be able to write it usually. So before writing any article do some deep research on that subject. You can find your topic on the internet or in the book. Books are more reliable than internet sources.

Never write from single sources because it may lead to plagiarise your content. Gather information from multiple sources and write it in your language.

Give credits:

Another smart way to avoid plagiarism is to give the credits to the source. Sometimes you may use the sentences directly from other sources. For this case, you can give the credits to the writer of the original content. It helps you to avoid plagiarism check and retain your brand value.

Use Article rewriter tool:

Like online plagiarism checker tool, article rewriter is also a great SEO tool provided by Small SEO Blog.

Using article rewriter, you can avoid plagiarism. Article rewriter is a kind of application that helps you to rewrite your content and create a new one. To depend on some It will scan your article and change the words on synonyms basis. It will not change your content meaning, just changing your choice of words to pass the plagiarism test.

Plagiarism checker creates autogenerated article of your existing one. So before publish it just go through your article once more. Check whether it is human readable or not. Because you are not only writing it for the search engine, you are writing it for human also. Always check that person can understand your message what you are trying to say.

After rewriting, you can check your article with this plagiarism checker tool see whether it is unique or not.

Never write blindly:

Without having any idea never write any article blindly. Many people are making this same mistakes. It leads to create plagiarise content. Before writing any article know that topic rigorously and note all points you are going to can use someone else idea but make sure you present it uniquely to your readers. And also make sure to the readers where the idea come.

First, complete your article and give yourself some time. Then, read the article very carefully. Make sure everything included in your story and article is free from plagiarism.
Never mess with plagiarised content. Plagiarism is a serious business. It can ruin your brand value.

Check your sources carefully:

Before writing from any other sources check that sources correctly. Check whether those sources are authoritative or not. Now the biggest problem is to find some trustworthy sources. You can't always rely on the personal blog post.

When you do not know the topic very well, you have to rely on some others sources. That sources could be internet or books. So choose the sources carefully. Books are always more authoritative sources than the web.